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Mia & Me

By Reut Asimini 

English, 96 pages 

Introduction: Maria H. Loh 

"I first saw Reut Asimini’s series of drawings, “Mia and Me,” as a book. It conveyed the warm, wonderful feeling of holding a beloved little girl by the hand, a sensation of infinite softness, and perhaps a touch of the melancholy awareness of passing time and the ephemeral nature of the present moment.

Asimini engages directly in the experience of motherhood and the mother-daughter relationship, evoking private memory from observation and not fantasy.

I am speaking specifically about motherhood and not parenthood. For generations, the experience of motherhood was a theme considered too sentimental for “high art” and is almost completely absent from works considered as such. Innumerable Madonna and Child paintings in Western art, of Mary with Baby Jesus, have masked this absence. Even in the most realistic depictions, such images have always remained part of an ideal world. The world of “Mia and I” is here and now, and, as good art, also goes beyond."         

Dr. Smadar Sheffi  (for full text press here


"The drawings deal with horror and anxiety, fear and uncertainty, but at the same time they are full of humor, playfulness, and self–irony. Drawing becomes an act of survival, enabling Asimini to come to terms with mental, emotional, and psychological difficulties in life. Through drawing, she summons monsters and nightmares, allowing them to dance on the paper alongside mundane occurrences, which are disconnected from the flow of routine to become exaggerating, duplicating mirrors in which reality is scramble."

Dr. Irena Gordon (for full text press here)


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