Mia & me 

Drawing for me is survival.
The Covid-19 lockdowns and staying in a small apartment with a one-and-a-half-year-old baby with one pack of paper and several pencils and crayons, all gave birth to this body of work.
These drawings were made almost on a daily basis from the beginning of the pandemic, and they can be divided into two. The first group includes drawings that were made by me. These are narrative drawings which seek to capture the absurd reality. The other group of drawings is a collaboration with my daughter. Her first time holding a pencil and the primacy of drawing motivated me to decipher her innocent lines and try to translate them. Every evening I sat with her pile of drawings and tried to see if I saw anything in them, so ultimately my drawing is a continuation of her drawing.
My daughter's first steps in drawing and the era of Covid-19, have led me to abandon every other medium I dealt with as an artist and to return to the initial medium of art making, drawing on paper.

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April 13